Earth Focus is a television and web news magazine that combines investigative and feature reports on critical environmental issues facing our world today. Earth Focus aims to help the public better understand a complex and rapidly changing environment and the increasing pressures on our planet’s finite resources. We have 26 minute programs on a variety of issues, shorter clips and blogs by leading environmental journalists. Please feel free to share them. Here is our body of work from 2007-2015.


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Cold Rush? The Changing Arctic

The Arctic is warming faster than any other place on Earth. This affects weather and increases coastal erosion threatening many Alaskan communities. But with melting sea ice come new opportunities for shipping and development. Will the oil, gas and mineral rich Arctic lead to a rush for development?  Might this lead to conflict and to serious consequences for the environment?  Earth Focus looks at the changing face of the Arctic today.

Abducting the Future? The War on Generation Z

Planetary futurist and author Alex Steffen says if space aliens did to us what we are doing to our own planet, we’d be pretty ticked off. Rethinking the human approach to safeguarding Earth.

Energy Solutions: Biomass in India

Biomass helps generate electricity in Bihar, India improving health and generating new business opportunities.

Why the US Economy Needs Bees

Pollination is key to the US economy, but US bee keepers say that colony collapse disorder — massive bee death — is claiming up to 80% of us bee colonies each year. Pesticide Action Network’s Paul Towers states that “we rely on pollinators for one in every three bits of food that we eat.” Towers talks with Earth Focus about why US agriculture and economy are at stake.

Stove Solutions in Haiti

Fuel efficient stoves in Haiti save trees, reduce carbon emissions and generate jobs.

Colorado: Jobs or Environment

The promise of jobs from a proposed uranium mill has an economically devastated mining community in Colorado hopeful. When environmentalists step in to stop the mill, pro-mill advocates are enraged. A debate ensues, pitting jobs against health and the environment. Uranium Drive In, a new film by Suzan Beraza, looks at who decides the future of rural America.


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