Earth Focus is a television and web news magazine that combines investigative and feature reports on critical environmental issues facing our world today. Earth Focus aims to help the public better understand a complex and rapidly changing environment and the increasing pressures on our planet’s finite resources. We have 26 minute programs on a variety of issues, shorter clips and blogs by leading environmental journalists. Please feel free to share them. Here is our body of work from 2007-2015.


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Cape Verde’s Wind Farms

The west African island nation of Cape Verde may be a new world leader in wind energy.

St. Bernard – Lessons from Landslides

Once nearly wiped out by a landslide, a town in the Philippines finds a new way to manage natural disasters. More than 70 percent of St. Bernard and the surrounding area are highly vulnerable to flash floods, tsunamis, storms, and landslides, but there was no warning system in place until a landslide killed over 1,000 people in 2006. Now, local residents, government organizations, and NGOs have worked together to set up an early warning system that uses both indigenous knowledge and state of the art technology.

Grantham – Safe Above the Floods

In January 2011, the small town of Grantham, Australia, saw some of the worst floods in the nation’s history. Nineteen people were killed, many more were injured, and over 120 houses were damaged. As a result, the regional council decided to move the people out of danger by reestablishing a new Grantham on higher ground. The Strengthening Grantham project became the first in Australian history to move an entire town from one location to another.

Sailing Solar

Turanor is the world’s first luxury vessel to complete an around the world voyage using only solar power. Jeff Barbee reports.

Key to Coral Recovery

The Florida Keys are home to the world’s third largest tropical barrier reef, but fertilized run off from the sugar industry is killing it off. Only a small fraction it is still healthy. But thanks to a Coral Reef Restoration Foundation project that grows coral on underwater lattices, Florida’s coral may be on its way back. Jeff Barbee reports from Key Largo.

Electric Safari

Land Rover unveils a new electric 4 by 4 that makes for better safaris and is good for the environment. Jeff Barbee reports.


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