Earth Focus is a television and web news magazine that combines investigative and feature reports on critical environmental issues facing our world today. Earth Focus aims to help the public better understand a complex and rapidly changing environment and the increasing pressures on our planet’s finite resources. We have 26 minute programs on a variety of issues, shorter clips and blogs by leading environmental journalists. Please feel free to share them. Here is our body of work from 2007-2015.


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Water or Gold?

For the native people who live near Ecuador’s Kimsakocha wetlands, water is vital for domestic use and agriculture. But there is gold under the water and foreign mining companies aim to mine it. The local people are fighting back. Constantino de Miguel reports from Ecuador.

Greek Gold: A Blessing or Curse?

Despite bitter protests by local communities, the Greek government is pressing ahead with a controversial gold mine project that threatens rare habitat. An Ecologist Film Unit Production.

Electricity from the Garbage Dump

Mark Wright found a way to generate electricity from the Bisasar Road Landfill, one of the largest dumps in southern Africa, to provide electricity for the city of Durban. Correspondent Jeff Barbee reports.

Robots: Next Generation

They can dance, check your heart rate, vacuum your room, make dinner, or wash the dishes — all without complaining, or asking for a raise. A new generation of robots not only looks human, but is taking on human tasks. Constantino De Miguel reports from Europe’s largest robotics expedition in Lyon, France.

Restoring the Earth: Drylands

Bringing degraded land to life. John D. Liu looks examples from China and South Africa.

Oceans Under Threat

Marine scientist Nancy Knowlton on ocean acidification and challenges facing the oceans, coral reefs and marine life today.


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