Earth Focus is a television and web news magazine that combines investigative and feature reports on critical environmental issues facing our world today. Earth Focus aims to help the public better understand a complex and rapidly changing environment and the increasing pressures on our planet’s finite resources. We have 26 minute programs on a variety of issues, shorter clips and blogs by leading environmental journalists. Please feel free to share them. Here is our body of work from 2007-2015.


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On Biodiversity, Health and Climate Change

Dr. Eric Chivian on how studying polar bears in their native habitat could help scientists address such human health issues as osteoporosis, renal disease, and obesity related diabetes. He describes how cones snails contribute significantly to the development of medication for chronic pain in patients who no longer respond to opiates.

The Amphibian Crisis

One third of all amphibians are threatened with extinction. Dr. James Hanken, Director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University explains why and how the loss of amphibians may affect human health.

Tanzania: Google-Powered Chimpanzee Conservation

Google technology is helping protect forest habitat and chimpanzee populations in Tanzania. A ZDFilms Production.

Brazil: Indigenous People Map Heritage with Google Earth

The Surui, an indigenous people in Brazil’s Amazon are working with Google to map their cultural and natural heritage. A ZDFilms production.

Ground to Cloud: Monitoring Brazil’s Amazon Forest

New Google technology developed to help fight illegal deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon is finding worldwide application. A ZDFilms Production.

Europe: No to GMO

As Europe considers expanding cultivation of genetically modified crops, the European movement against GMOs heats up. A campaign film produced by Sourced TV highlights European concerns.


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